The CDC outlines COVID19 guidelines for Child Care.

We will adhere to these guidelines, and we expect you too as well.

Please read the full COVID19 policy before you make your payment.

It will be attached to your email confirmation.

The following are some important points to remember:





Precautions in the Classroom


Limited Class Sizes

Social distancing as much as possible in the classroom

Teachers Daily Health Screening

Health Screenings and Checks throughout the day for children

Face coverings when needed

Hand washing practices increased

Cleaning and disinfection increased

Openable windows installed in the classrooms to increase air flow and exchange


How You Can Help at Home


Practice the following 3 things with your child to help them be safe at school:

-20 second handwashing that scrubs the front and back of the hands including thumbs, in between fingers and under fingernails

-Sneezing and coughing into the crook of the elbow or tissue and immediate  handwashing afterward

-Keeping fingers out of noses, mouths and eyes