Thank you for your interest in our Cherry Blossom Viewing.

Please read and adhere to the COVID precautions

  1. please wear a mask
  2. keep your distance from others
  3. seat separated from others on the bus – family members may sit together
  4. keep the windows open on the bus
  5. while at the locations, keep your distance from others
  6. use hand sanitizer or wash you hands often as possible
  7. please stay home if you don’t feel well

We will be going to locations that are not crowded. Picnic lunches are not permitted at many locations due to Covid precautions. Please do not bring lunch. Please feel free to bring some refreshments, however we will not be enjoying picnics or gathering at the locations. Time at each location will be for viewing and photographing. Please enjoy your time while distanced.

Thank you

So we can call you if you get lost on the tour
500yen per person, a child under 3 is free. Thank you for joining our tour.