To all American Diplomatic Families, and American Military Families,

please contact us for the EWA Tuition and Admission Process.

The following tuition is for the school year starting in late August, until early June (approx 10months).


Tuition is invoiced in 2 installments. June and August.

The first payment will include the operational fee.

For mid-year enrollments tuition will be invoiced in one installment.

Payment must be made in full before the first day of school.


Reservations for afternoon classes are accepted at any time throughout the month via our online sign up system.

Please go to our after school sign up page to make bookings.

Bookings are accepted until the 25th of the prior month. Advanced bookings are recommended.


All preschool students and alumni receive priority entrance into the camps each year.

Seats are very limited especially during summer period.

New members are accepted each year on a as-available basis.


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