Daisy Class

Daisy Class

15 months – 2 years old

The classroom staff consists of 1 Head Teacher and 2 Assistant Teachers.

8:15am – 12:00pm

Teacher/Student Ratio 1:4

5 days/wk

Maximum 10 Students


We will provide the utmost care and attention for all children in the Daisy class, as this will most likely be the first time your child is separated from you.

Daisy class students receive an opportunity to begin development of their own character and uniqueness through art, music, physical exercise and a variety of other activities under the care of our warm dedicated teachers.

Self Help and life skills are developed daily and children are encouraged to try things for themselves.

Taking care of one’s own belongings, open and closing bags and lunch items, washing our own hands, and feeling successfully are all very important for Daisy Class students.

Daily Routine

Ms Daniela, Ms Paula, and Ms Miyuki