Rose Class

4-5 years old
8:10am – 3:00pm
Teacher/Student Ratio 1:8
5 days / week
Maximum 24 students


Children in the Rose class are talkative, energetic, highly imaginative and extremely curious.  Everyday, in-depth exploration of themed activities using the abilities and interests of the children as a guide are included. Areas covered include math, the alphabet (phonics, reading and writing), gymnastics, music & movement, arts & crafts, drama, science, and multicultural themed activities.

We realize the need for children of this age to be challenged, and we provide activities accordingly; encouraging them to become life long learners.  We give each child every advantage possible in order to ensure that they will be successful in their next school setting.

Rose Class students become the school leaders and show their leadership skills daily. They learn reading and practice writing and prepare for elementary school life. Rose Class students are strong learners, and enjoy academic challenges. During Choice Time we provide several kinds of materials from which the students themselves can choose which they would like to try.