Welcome to Tulip Class

Children entering Tulip class learn how to interact with others and make new friends.

Most importantly they will be exposed to a wide variety of experiences as they curiously explore their exciting new world, all the while being supported and encouraged by caring teachers.

Children will become more and more social as verbal communication significantly increases at this age and is stimulated through interacting with friends.

Children will also love learning new songs and rhymes and vocabulary too.


 As children in this class become more independent, we tailor our program to coincide with their developing abilities and imagination.

We increasingly use tools and materials such as glue, play-dough, and paint to create masterpieces!

As children become ready, we introduce number, color and alphabet concepts. We build speech and vocabulary day by day, and encourage children to become more vocal.

 Tulip children love to learn and are so eager at this age to see, touch and know more. Our teachers understand this and challenge children on a daily basis.

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